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Alan Wong - Principal investigator

I got my PhD in Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience at Vanderbilt University's Department of Psychology under the supervision of Isabel Gauthier and Tom Palmeri. While I was a student I also worked with and learned from Will Hayward and T.-C. Chan. Now I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. My research interest concerns with perceptual expertise, object recognition, digital experience, consciousness, etc.

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Kelvin Lui - PhD student

I got an M.Phil. degree at the psychology department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013. My undergraduate and M.Phil. theses were about the effect of media multitasking on cognitive control. My research interest mainly concerns with consciousness, attention and perception.

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Nicolson Siu - PhD student

I obtained my Bachelor Degree in Psychology from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. I am interested in exploring the relationship between the human brain and behaviors, especially the abnormal cognitive functions
associated with brain impairments. Therefore, I am now doing research on various type of training to enhance cognitive functions of individuals. Recently, I am also interested in studying the lifespan development of human time perception.

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Aiden Tong- MPhil student

During my education as a business student majoring in marketing and management, I became interested in psychology where I found the discipline to be closely related to many theories and applications in business. I would like to learn more about cognitive mechanisms that drive people to behave in a particular way, which motivated my applications to the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology, and, followed by the Mphil in Psychology. I recently studied how smartphone games might induce prime subseqent performances in cognitive tasks, under the supervision of Prof. Alan Wong.

Research interests: cognitive changes subsequent to video gaming

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Terri Ng – Research Assistant

In past few years, I was responsible for data collection by behavioral and brain imaging methods (functional MRI and EEG). I love to get involve in scientific studies because I am curious to understand how our brain processes under certain circumstances. It can help to explain the human behaviors from the point of view in cognitive psychology.

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PhD students

Lizhuang Yang - Started postdoctoral fellow job at University of Science and Technology of China in 2012.

Zhiyi Qu - Started instructor job at Tianjin Medical University, China in 2011.

Research Assistants

Crystal Yuen - Continue with instructor jobs in 2012

Yi Chit Yuen - Started graduate study at the Department of Psychology at West Virginia Univerisity, USA in 2010.


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